Fence Posts

Yes, the trusted "waratah" steel fence post that New Zealand farmers used throughout their fence lines is back - bigger and better than ever, with not 1, but 2 different profiles designed to tackle even more fencing challenges! When you ask for a "waratah" in store, look for the Waratah® brand stamped in the post and you know you'll be getting the real deal.

Waratah have improved on current fence post technology and developed the new Jio® Star® post to meet the demand for innovation in the rural industry. Modern fencing continues to evolve and each new fence design requires a stronger, more ductile fence post with more attachment points.

The new range of Waratah Jio Star posts are 20% stronger and three times more ductile, with 3 times more holes than the New Zealand "waratah" post, delivering more attachment options, simpler erection and longer lasting fences that require less maintenance.


Steel posts offer a number of advantages over both timber and concrete alternatives. When looking at steel post options it’s important to know that Waratah posts have superior quality in several key areas. Some fence posts can twist, bend or break when being driven into the ground, or are weaker, which requires them to be spaced closer together, which all adds significant cost and time when installing and maintaining your fence.

• Less labour required
• Less equipment needed
• Termite proof
• Improved performance against flood and or fire
• Easier to transport
• Long term low maintenance benefits
• OH&S friendly