Return of an icon causes a buzz around New Zealand!

Once a crucial component to the New Zealand fence line, the old BHP Waratah post has been noticeably missing from shelves (and the New Zealand landscape), giving way to timber and other cheap import products. The classic Waratah post is back, and it’s creating quite the buzz at launch events being held around the country.

Waratah, the leading name in Australian rural fencing has been launching their “all-steel” fences, featuring the latest innovation in fence posts, the Jio® post, at various field days around New Zealand, starting at Hawkes Bay and Canterbury shows in late 2013 and more recently the Southern Field Days show in Waimumu.

Product Manager for Waratah, David Byrnes said the response has been extremely positive, with many show-goers keen to see how the “all-steel” fences work.

“Fencing contractors and farmers were very enthusiastic about witnessing a fresh take on fencing practices, and the new Waratah products, particularly the Ezyslot strainer post and Adjusta-stay system – it’s able to be installed manually in under ten minutes by one person, something that hasn’t been seen here before. It’s a huge labour saver!”.

Waratah say that there has been an overwhelming amount of interest from farmers and contractors in New Zealand in getting stocks of the range, which is initially being distributed through Farmlands / CRT stores throughout the country.

I’ve personally had a lot of people telling me that the only steel posts previously available in New Zealand (imported from China) are just not up to scratch. They have been consistently let down, so being at the launch days and having the Australian made Waratah products demonstrated and being able to actually feel the difference in quality has been a real game changer. I think the Waratah range is something that will inspire farmers and contractors to rethink their current fencing methods”, Mr Byrnes said.

Waratah will be continuing their launch campaign in the North Island at the Central Districts Field Days in Feilding on the 13th – 15th March 2014. The Waratah team will be holding product demonstrations providing tips and tricks on how farmers and contractors can save time and money using the exciting new range of fencing products.

If you are unable to attend the launch event, head to to check out the complete range of fencing products and register to become a member to gain exclusive access to member offers and updates on future launch events.