The "waratah" is back and it's not all black!

WARATAH® fencing recently launched a range of premium fencing products, including steel fence posts, strainers, stays and accessories that will transform the techniques of traditional fencing in New Zealand.

Waratah branded fencing products have been around for 130 years and New Zealand farmer feedback has indicated that the market is disappointed with the poor quality black posts that are imported from China, and asking for the return of quality steel fencing products to New Zealand.

The Waratah team kicked off their launch in the North island of New Zealand at the 2013 Hawkes Bay show, which was also celebrating its 150th year and hosting the annual FCANZ Golden Pliers fencing competition!

There was a fantastic response with thousands of show go-ers filtering through the site over the 3 day period – many keen to see what all the hype was about!

The launch showcased the trusted “waratah” steel fence post that New Zealand farmers previously used throughout their fence lines! Now when you ask for a “waratah” in store, look for the Waratah® brand embossed in the post and you know you’ll be getting the real deal.

Many were intrigued when they saw Waratah’s ‘all-steel’ fence line. Contractors and farmers marvelled at the speed and ease of putting the fence up using Jio® steel posts and steel end assemblies, as well as the quality and appearance of the end result.

Others enjoyed being a little more hands on, and took advantage of the offer to help build parts of the demonstration fence with Waratahs fencing experts – learning a few tips and tricks along the way!

Passers-by commented on how “polished” the fence looked when erected, and how easy it would be to install in high country or areas where it is hard to get heavy machinery in to install fences.

Waratah’s Product Manager, David Byrnes, believes the Waratah fencing product range will inspire fencers in New Zealand to rethink traditional fencing methods and consider different product options.

“Fencing contractors and farmers were particularly fond of Waratah’s Gripple® T clip as it’s a great alternative to tying off wire around strainer posts without the need for knots. It’s a big time saver!”

Waratah’s next launch event will be held in the South Island at the Canterbury A&P Show on the 13-15 November 2013.

All reputable rural resellers throughout New Zealand will be able to get supplies of Waratah steel fencing products.