Fencing Accessories

Jio® Porcelain Insulator

 Attach electric fence wire to your Jio posts with this easy to use Jio clip porcelain insulator
  • Specifically designed to clip onto Jio Star® and Jio MaxY® posts simply and easily through two attachment points with no tools required
  • Innovative crossover clip holds the porcelain reel securely to post ensuring electric wires are held steadily from the posts and fence
  • Secure attachment points to both the post and porcelain ensures suitability for areas of high fence pressure
  • Steel and porcelain components of the insulator delivers improved fire resistance compared to plastic options
  • Australian made Waratah grade high tensile wire delivers consistent strength, quality, & performance
  • Longlife Blue® colour wire coating technology delivers maximum corrosion protection that exceeds Australian Standards 
Available in bags of 20 crossover clips and porcelain insulators 


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