Prefabricated Fencing

Stocktite® Longlife Blue®

  • ​Thehinged joint is suited for long strains and will permanently but flexibly secure the picket wires to the line wires allowing erection over rolling landscape and through gullies.
  • Features 2.80mm high tensile top and bottom line wires for added strength, creating less need for selvedge wires, saving time and money.
  • Advanced hinged joint construction acts as a suspension system, flexing with stock pressures and then rebounding back into shape.
  • Designed to resist higher stock pressures and can cover most grazier requirements, from secure boundary fencing to sub-divisions into cell paddocks or laneway systems.
8/90/15 100

Other sizes may be available on request.

*8/90/15 = 8 line wires; 90cm fence height; 15cm picket spacing




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