Barbed Wire Reel Lifter

The Waratah barbed reel lifter has been developed to reduce the chance of personal injury from lifting heavy objects such as barbed wire reels. It has been designed to be used by two people. 

Waratah barbed wire reels vary in weight depending on wire diameter and wire length between approx. 27kg - 48kg.

1. Prepare to insert jaws

Lower the barbed wire reel lifter until the jaws are near the hole in the centre of the timber reel. (If lifting 1.57mm or 1.80mm high-tensile barbed wire, you must pull the wire handle on the timber reel up completely to allow access with the barbed wire reel lifter.)

2. Inserting jaws into timber reel

Once in position, press the jaws in/together with one hand as seen in the supporting image - to allow the jaws to enter the central hole in the timber barbed spindle.

3. Lift barbed wire reel

Once the jaws have been inserted they will open up and ‘grab’ the inside of the timber spindle. You can now proceed to lift the barbed wire reel.

4. Walking with suspended barbed wire reel

Keep your back straight when lifting and hold the handle of the barbed wire reel lifter in a manner that will prevent the barbed wire from swinging and making contact with your body. 

5. Removing barbed wire reel lifter from spindle once relocated

repeat step 2 and lift jaws away from timber spool.

Note: The Barbed Reel Lifter is designed to be used by two people, and is rated to lift up to 75kgs.