Three-Way Wire Spinner

The Waratah ® Three-Way Wire Spinner safely and easily pays out plain and barbed wire. As the name suggests – there are 3-Ways you can use this tool. You can use it as:

  • A stationary wire spinner,
  • A stationary barbed wire spinner,
  • A mobile wire spinner that can be walked along the fence line.

The Waratah three-way wire spinner is as simple to use as it is effective. Here’s how it works.


The wire spinner is made up of a cross shaped base, two pipe spindles, two spindle mounted bolts, compression bar, tension spring, two ‘R’ clips and two piece wire cradle. 


Assembly Instructions When Using as a Stationary Wire Spinner

1. Place one of the spindles into the centre hole of the cross-shaped base and secure from beneath with bolt provided. Check that the holes in the spindles are facing the same direction as the shortest arms on the cross-shaped base. Repeat this step for the outer spindle. 

2. Mount the bottom cradle on the centre spindle and insert wire coil. Remove the factory fitted ties from the coil.

3. Install top cradle so that its diagonal supports rest on the two horizontal bars of the bottom cradle – otherwise the cradles will not lock together.

4. Mount tension spring on centre spindle and slide compression bar into place. Insert ‘R’ clips through compression bar and keep it parallel to the base. (Tip – Multiple holes on the spindles allow for adjusting tension) 

5. Feed the wire through the gap in between the top and bottom cradle and run the wire out along the fence line. (Tip – Always pay out a coil of wire from the end where the factory fitted label is attached to avoid tangling).

Assembly Instructions when using the Waratah Three-Way Wire Spinner as a stationary barbed wire spinner.

Option 1:  Remove ‘R’ clips, compression bar and top and bottom cradle. Place barbed wire reel on centre spindle and then replace compression bar fixing with ‘R’ clips.

Option 2: Place the timber barbed wire reel directly on top of the compression bar and pull the wire to pay out.

Assembly Instructions when using the Waratah Three-Way Wire Spinner as a mobile barbed wire spinner.

  1. Remove ‘R’ clips, compression bar and top cradle, place wire reel on centre spindle by inverting the spinner and spearing the reel.
  2. Return to the upright position and install the top cradle upside down. Fit tension spring to the centre spindle and attach the compression bar using the top holes of the spindles.
  3. Turn the Waratah wire spinner on its side, attach end of barbed wire to strainer post and walk the spinner along the fence line. NB: The spinner is not suitable for towing by motorbike or motor vehicle.

How to use a Waratah wire spinner