Wedgelock Clamp

How to Assemble and Operate Wedgelock ® Clamp

Assembling a prefabricated fence is made easy with the Waratah Wedgelock ® clamp. You’ll find it an essential tool when it comes to prefabricated wire straining and tensioning.

Components of the Wedgelock clamp – The Wedgelock clamp consists of three components;

- an angled bar with raised tabs,

- the main body with hooks at each end and a set of black wedges

- you’ll also need two Wizard ® wire strainers to operate the Wedgelock clamp.

Steps to Assemble the Wedgelock Clamp

1. Setting out – Tie the prefabricated wire or netting off at one strainer post and roll the wire out towards the other strainer post where you will be doing the straining. Once rolled out, flip the wire over and place evenly on the ground.

2. Place the angled bar (with raised tabs) under the wire. Ensure it’s both straight and evenly spaced, and the angled bar is far enough away from the strainer post to allow enough distance for adequate tensioning. (Tip – Waratah Pre-fabricated products have tension crimps at set distances along the horizontal line wires. For an even strain, line the Wedgelock clamp up with these)

3. Place the main body of the Wedgelock clamp over the top of the wire and line the tabs up so they align with the spaces in the main body. The main body should now be sitting flush with the angled bar with the wire in-between both components. (Tip – Make sure the body of the clamp is positioned so that the hooks on the ends are facing towards the strainer post you wish to strain and tie off)

4. Make sure both components are still lined up square with the wire and stomp on the main body to press both parts together. This ensures a snug fit and gently kinks the wire to allow a more secure grab for the Wedgelock clamp.

5. Insert the black wedges into the tabs and tap them in firmly with your hammer. Make sure all wedges have been hammered in well before proceeding to strain the wire. You are now ready to stand the clamp up and attach the wire strainers in preparation to strain the wire. Now you’re ready to go.

Steps to Operate the Wedgelock clamp

1. Stand the Wedgelock clamp and the attached wire upright. Ensure the hooks at the top and bottom of the clamp are facing the strainer post you wish to strain and tie off. (Tip – Make sure the wedges on the Wedgelock clamp are facing away from the strainer post and diagonal stay- this will make the Wedgelock clamp much easier to remove once the wire has been strained and tied off)

2. Wrap the two chains from the Wizard wire strainers around your strainer post. Use one chain for the top of the clamp, the other for the bottom. Place the hooks of the Wedgelock clamp into the hole in the end of each Wizard wire strainer. Place the chains that are secured to the strainer post into the walking jaws of the Wizard Wire Strainers. Check that the Wedgelock clamp is now secured both at top and bottom with the Wizard wire strainer and chains. (Tip – Ensure chain is not twisted, as the walking jaws will not be able to safely walk along the length of chain)

3. Your fence should now look like this (image) with the strainer post supporting the chains and the Wizard’s supporting the Wedgelock. Now you’re ready to apply tension to the prefabricated wire. Ensure you have your Waratah Tenser Senser ® available so you apply the correct tension. 

4. Move the handles of the Wizard wire strainers back and forth, making sure you get a secure grab on the chain each time. (Tip – If you don’t have someone helping you strain the top and bottom of the fence simultaneously – try to apply even tension to both the top and bottom of the Wedgelock clamp to maintain even pressure along the entire length of the fence. You must keep the Wedgelock clamp parallel to the strainer post while tensioning.)

5. Once you reach the desired tension, it helps to slightly over-tension the wire as you always lose a small amount when tying off. Tie off manually, or using Gripple ® T-Clips.

6. Now that you’ve tied off, you’ll need to remove the tension you applied earlier with the Wizard wire strainers. To release the Wizard wire strainer from the wire after tying off, move the handle so that the front claw releases the tension from the chain. Move the handle (controlling the handle pressure) so that the front claw is allowed to retract back past the rear claw and if needed, let it grab another link of chain and repeat the process with the other claw. When the chain is slack, you can take it off safely.

7. Finally, tap the black wedges out of the Wedgelock clamp and remove the clamp from the prefabricated wire.

How to use a Wedgelock clamp to strain prefabricated fence wire