Rabbits present a problem on many properties across New Zealand. If you are undergoing such problems, we’d suggest upgrading your fences to a design developed by the Darling Downs Moreton Rabbit Board (DDMRB) Australia & Waratah fencing. The DDMRB maintains over 550km of rabbit proof fencing between Mt Gipps and Goombi in Queensland, and has been protecting one of the state’s prime agricultural regions for over 100 years.

Common NZ Rabbit Fence


Jio® Star® Post (165, en-NZ)


Longlife Blue® Netting (105/4.0/1.40, 100, en-NZ)

Tyeasy® Longlife Blue® (1500, NZ)


Jio® Longlife® Fence Post Clips (250, en-NZ) (4 per post)

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