Trip to Australia for NZ fencing contractors!

Waratah Fencing

During November Waratah Fencing, as part of our Gold Partnership with FCANZ and support of the fencing industry invited a group of fencing contractors and Waratah supporters over to Australia for a once in a lifetime trip to learn all about Waratah’s vertically integrated manufacturing processes.

The trip kicked off with the group arriving in sunny Newcastle, where they spent the afternoon taking in the sights and enjoying some local hospitality before a full day of exploring the Waratah manufactur¬ing facilities.

Up early and eager to learn and explore they started the tours at the Rod mill. Here the group were shown the stringent manufacturing processes of heating the billets and converting them into rods before being delivered to the wire mill. Later the guys visited the wire mill and saw how the rods were then drawn into wire and coated with Waratah’s signature Longlife Blue ® wire coating. Watching how the wire is then processed into plain wire coils, netting, prefabricated fencing, and barbed wire rolls, shows how Waratah controls every step in the manufacturing process.

After the rod and wire mill the group made sure to stop by the post testing plant where tests were con¬ducted to show how the quality, strength, and ductility of a Waratah JiO ® post stands up to a standard Y post. It is the quality and consistency of a Waratah JiO post that Waratah are renowned for.

After wrapping up the day at the Newcastle manufacturing facilities, the guys headed out for dinner with the Waratah team and a group of Australian farmers and contractors. The local hospitality was once again on show as they enjoyed dinner and a few beers overlooking the Newcastle harbor.

The following day the contractors headed to Sydney to tour the Sydney rod mills and learn the process of making Y bar, before spending the night taking in the sights and sounds of downtown Sydney on a Friday night.

Overall, the team found it a truly valuable experience, stating:

“Already a fan of using Waratah fencing products this gives me a better understanding of the level of quality not only in the end product but throughout the whole manufacturing process.”

“Seeing the scale of the manufacturing facilities and the control that they have over every step in the process shows me why they are so well renowned in fencing.”

“I have more trust in recommending these products to customers as I have seen firsthand the pro¬cess and standards that it takes to make these products.”

“Seeing the level of quality and standards that Waratah show in their manufacturing processes really allows me to guarantee the quality of my work to my customers going forward.”

Waratah would like to thank these key contractors for making the trip over to Australia and taking time out of their own businesses to learn more about Waratah’s innovative fencing systems. 

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