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Jio® electric dual offsets - 80/80 & 80/40

Allows for electric fence wires to be offset on both sides of a JiO® fence post.


  • The steel & porcelain design delivers strength for high pressure applications.
  • 5.00mm HT galvanized offsets bolt onto Waratah JiO Star® & JiO MaxY® posts
  • Metal bracket, purpose made JiO bolts & nylon lock nuts, ensures secure attachment to the JiO post.
  • Porcelain electric insulators deliver corrosion, UV, and fire resistance (compared to plastic insulators)
  • Easy installation - minimal tools required.



Dual Offsets Single Offsets
80/80 offset measures 80mm either side of the bracket *NEW* 80 offset measures 80mm on one side of the bracket
80/40 offset measures 80mm one side of the bracket and 40mm the opposite *NEW* 160 offset measures 160mm on one side of the bracket
*NEW* 260/260 offset measures 260mm either side of the bracket *NEW* 260 offset measures 260mm on one side of the bracket

80/80 and 80/40 dual offsets are available in Buckets of 50.

260/260 dual offsets, 80, 160, and 260 single offsets are available in a box of 20.

  • Porcelain reels
  • Wire offsets
  • Jio bracket
  • bolts, nuts & washers.


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