Gripple Plus® Wire Joiners

  • Join and tension in one
  • The patented ceramic locking mechanism delivers a strong grip, taking higher loads and providing superior corrosion resistance – recommended to prolong the life of your Longlife® Blue colour® wire.
  • Includes integrated adjustable torque setting on the handle. Once the pre-set wire tension is reached – the tool dis-engages to prevent overstraining and potential wire damage.
  • Stainless steel springs provide excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Long lasting and can be re-used.
  • ​Save time and effort when joining wires, tensioning or terminating wire at a strainer post.
  • Simply push wires through the Gripple in each direction and the one-way grip firmly holds each wire.  No more bending, twisting and tying wires.
  • To tension both wires, use the Gripple Plus tensioning tool or Gripple contractor tensioning tool.


Gipple Plus Small

Contains: 20 per bag
Max Working Load: 3.0kN
Suitable to use with: 1.40mm - 2.20mm wire

Gripple Plus Medium

Contains: 20 per bag
Max Working Load: 3.9kN
Suitable to use with: 2.00mm - 3.25mm wire

Gripple Plus Large

Contains: 10 per bag
Max Working Load: 5.8kN
Suitable to use with: 3.25mm - 4.20mm wire

Gripple Plus Starter Pack

Contains 1 x Gripple Plus tensioning tool and 50 x Medium Gripple Plus wire joiners.

Gripple Plus Fencer Pack

Contains 500 Gripple Plus® medium wire joiners and comes with a bonus canvas carry bag, ideal when purchasing bulk quantities of Gripple Plus wire joiners for your next big fencing job.


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