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Yes, the trusted "waratah" steel fence post that New Zealand farmers used throughout their fence lines is back - bigger and better than ever, with not 1, but 2 different profiles designed to tackle even more fencing challenges! When you ask for a "waratah" in store, look for the Waratah® brand stamped in the post and you know you'll be getting the real deal.

Waratah have improved on current fence post technology and developed the new Jio® Star® post to meet the demand for innovation in the rural industry. Modern fencing continues to evolve and each new fence design requires a stronger, more ductile fence post with more attachment points.

The new range of Waratah Jio Star posts are 20% stronger and three times more ductile, with 3 times more holes than the New Zealand "waratah" post, delivering more attachment options, simpler erection and longer lasting fences that require less maintenance.
Made in Australia from Waratah grade specific steel this is the strongest, toughest and most flexible Waratah post ever made.

  • Hot dipped galvanized coating (min 600g/m2) provides the best steel corrosion protection.
  • The innovative oval shaped holes make it suitable for all fencing applications with more attachment options than other Y posts with round holes. More Jio post holes improve wire alignment and attachment.
  • The holes are designed to line up with traditional Y posts with round holes and allow for multiple accesory options like clips, ties and electrics.
  • The Jio is easy and quick to install with a manual post driver. 
  • 200 Jio Star posts are sold in ‘quick release’ packs - 20 sub bundles of 10 posts each with handle for easier movement.
  •  Available in 135cm, 150cm, 165cm, 180cm, 210cm and 240cm lengths.
  • Each pack consists of 20 sub bundles of 10 posts each with a compact Longlife handle that assists in moving posts on to utes easily and safely.  
  • The handles are consistently crafted to ensure no sharp edges or loose ends and can be easily retracted and removed from the sub bundles when ready for use.Access posts faster and easier than ever before. Just remember – “release the ring and pull the pin”. 


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