Netting & Chainlink

Chainlink Longlife Blue®

Also known as chainmesh, Chainlink is one of the oldest forms of wire-based fencing.

  • Chainlink can be used for a number of civil construction and security fencing purposes.
  • Featuring Waratah's longlife blue wire coating for maximum corrosion protection which has been proven to last 9 times longer than standard galvanised and at least 1.5 times longer than heavy galvanised wire.
  • Waratah Chainlink fencing has a 50mm maximum distance between the wires forming.
  • Waratah Chainlink has both knuckle/knuckle and knuckle/barb option available for different applications.

Knuckle/barb Selvedge

Knuckle barb should be used in a commercial and security situation. The top row makes climbing the fence more difficult.

Knuckle/Knuckle Selvedge

Knuckle barb should be used in a domestic situation. Specifically, where animals and children may be around the fence.

Light duty (2.50mm wire diameter) - should be used for light industrial applications where security and durability are a lower priority
Heavy Duty (3.15mm wire diameter) - Should be used when higher security and durability are required

Rolls come in heights:

  • 90cm
  • 120cm
  • 150cm
  • 180cm
  • 210cm


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