Fencing the Impossible - Sheep Farmers Dream

The Problem

A sheep farmer at Pages Creek in the New South Wales Hunter Valley was faced with two issues, wild dogs killing their sheep stock and the extremely hilly and rocky terrain which would make installing a fence very difficult. Due to the amount of livestock that was being targeted by wild dogs, the owner was considering ceasing his sheep farm. Wild dogs were not the only pest that was targeting his property, other vermin such as kangaroos, pigs and deer were a nuisance as well.

The Solution

As anyone whom has installed a fence will know, attempting installation on uneven hard ground is a challenge. To ensure the exclusion fence was a viable option to target wild dogs, kangaroos, pigs and deer, the Waratah team worked with the property owner and local contractor to design a strong barrier.

Due to the hard ground, Waratah Latch Posts were used. Their large profile ensures strength and has better ground holding ability. The design of the latch posts allows the prefabricated wire to simply hook on, even where the wire was strained over a dip.

To prevent animals from penetrating the barrier, Stocksafe-T wire with an apron was used. The apron is pre-attached to the fence, this eliminates the gap between the bottom wire and the ground that appears in traditional fence designs assuring security. To further secure the area and deter animals from leaning against the fence, barbed wire was also applied to the fence.   


Pages Creek, New South Wales

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Products used

Prefabricated Fencing

Stocksafe-T® Longlife Blue®

Prefabricated Fencing


Barbed Wire

High Tensile Barbed Wire Longlife Blue®