Soothing the Burn - Fire Resistant Fences

The Problem

South Australia unfortunately experiences approximately 900 fires each year. On average, the total area burnt averages 190,000 hectares however this has ranged from 15,000 hectares to 900,000 hectares between 1980 and 2018.

 The monetary loss from fires can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. A major problem faced in South Australia is the combination of wooden fence posts and fires. A bush fire does not need to completely reach a property to inflict damage, the harsh heat that is emanated from a fire is enough to set wooden posts alight, even if the fire is at the perimeter of a property.

A resident living within Frances, South Australia lost his entire fencing efforts within seconds when his property was engulfed in flames.  He needed a solution that was going to ensure his investment would not be destroyed due to another fire. It needed to be economically viable and easy to install.

 The Solution

The old fence was replaced using a fire resistance Waratah fence. In fire prone areas we recommend Jio Star posts combined with Jio MaxY posts, this ensures strength and longevity in any Australian weather condition.

As every circumstance is different, customised fencing options are readily available and can quickly be delivered to the South Australian Rural area. 


Frances, South Australia

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Products used

Jio® Posts

Jio® MaxY® Post 'Waratah's'

Jio® Posts

Jio® Star® Post 'Waratah's'