Vermin Exclusion, Stock Containment & Bush Fires

The Problem

In the South West Region of Western Australia, there were two predominate issues that a rural farm owner was faced with. The first; ensuring vermin were being excluded from the targeted area. Wild dogs alone kill more than 40,000 livestock each year, this equates to production losses of more than $7 million for the pastoral industry. Native reserves are also adding an increased pressure to rural farmers within the affected area.

The second major challenge was that bush fires were burning through his wooden fencing.  Bush fires can be costly to the rural industry, as most fences are made from pine, they burn easily. Replacing fencing can become very expensive and timely practice.

Once the fire disposed the fence, farm security was lost and stock containment became a problem due to paddocks without adequate fences.

The Solution

The increased pressure from native reserves meant that the farm owner not only had to focus on livestock containment but also bio security to keep vermin out. Also, after the devastation of losing his entire fencing efforts to a bush fire he wanted to ensure he would not experience this loss again. With the assistance of local distributors, Waratah ensured the right fence was installed. The installation of fire-resistant Waratah Jio Maxy posts was a quick, practical and affordable solution to his problems. The design of the fence focused on areas which animals usually target. A footer attached was added to the bottom of the fence to ensure vermin were unable to burrow under the fence.


Nannup, Western Australia

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