Jio MaxY

Waratah have developed the Jio MaxY posts to be bigger, stronger, more ductile and with more attachment points than other posts.

  • It has the strength to resist higher impact loads while still being easier to transport and install compared to timber, concrete and pipe.
  • Tough enough to resist fracturing under stress, yet flexible enough to allow restraightening if deformed from significant force.
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Longlife Blue Netting

  • The netting pattern is produced in reverse twist to better absorb impact.
  • Available in small mesh spacing (3cm) for tighter exclusion applications to prevent small animals such as baby rabbits getting through the fence.
  • Use as an apron on fences. Lay flat on the ground or buried in a trench as an added barrier against burrowing animals such as wild dogs, foxes, rabbits, wallabies and wombats.
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Stocksafe-T Longlife Blue with apron

Stocksafe-T has been specifically designed to prevent animals penetrating the fence and is suited to shorter strains and closer post spacings.

  • Pre-attached to the bottom horizontal wire via a hinged knot, the 30cm aprom is laid on the ground, reducing penetration or digging under the fence line by feral animals.
  • Used in an exclusion fence design, this product can provide an effective barrier against feral animals, such as wild dogs, pigs, wallabies and kangaroos.
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Longlife Blue High Tensile Barbed wire

Made from continuous no join, high tensile wire in a reverse twist pattern

  • Reverse twist pattern provides maximum strength and safety, allows the wire to unravel when it is placed under abnormal loads and reduces possible breaking.
  • Consistent and closer barb spacing means more barbs for maximum stock pressure and security.
  • Can be set as a sight or bottom wire, helps cope with added pressure from prime lambs and feral animals.
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Umbrella & Half Umbrella extensions

Ideal fencing accessories to contain or exclude animals that climb, such as wild cats.

  • Easy to install, simply bolt onto the existing Waratah Jio and Ezypipe strainer post.
  • Manufactured loops on the extension allows for secure placement of plain selvedge wire.
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Apron Strainer extension

Allows for apron layouts on fences to be strained. Steel loop allows for a Waratah Star post to be driven through the end as a brace.

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Longlife Blue High Tensile Cute Length wire (floppy top)

Pre-cut high tensile in 1300mm straight lengths and eliminates the need for pre-cutting coils of the fence wire into manageable lengths.

  • Ideal for fencing accessories to contain or exclude animals that climb, such as wild cats.
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