Blue Latch Trellis post

  • Blue Latch trellis post has solid ground holding ability and increases the simplicity of wire installation in any trellis design.
  • Each post is fitted with a spring wire latch which allows wires to be quickly installed or removed.
  • Posts are a hot dipped galvanized coating and the spring latch has a Longlife Blue ® coating which protects the steel from corroding.
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Gripfast post

  • The six-crescent design allows for versatility in managing canopies when undertaking manual or mechanical harvesting and pruning.
  • Can withstand loads from either side yet supports partial flexing during mechanical harvesting and pruning without damage occurring.
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Jio Star & Jio MaxY

  • Posts follow the Y-bar shape however instead of round holes, the post utilises an oval design which has been innovated for more attachment options and various trellis designs.
  • The combination of multiple attachment points and the addition of Jio Clips offer increased efficiency and many design alternatives to suit most trellis needs.
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Longlife Blue Growire

  • Designed and manufactured range of wires for the viticulture industry.
  • Available in 2.65mm, 2.85mm and 3.15mm to suit varying loads and applications.
  • 2.00mm dripper wire is also available for attaching dripper lines near the base of the trellis assembly.
  • 2.00mm tomato wire  is also available.
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Galvanized Trellis wire

  • Waratah Galvanized Trellis wire is Ideally used in hop and trellis pole systems.
  • Produced from standard galvanized hard drawn wire.
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Trellis clips

  • Trellis clips are manufactured from durable 1.2mm annealed spring steel.
  • Heavy galvanized for corrosive protection.
  • They are designed for fast and simple installation of line wires to steel or timber posts.
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Jio Dual Offset

  • Jio dual offsets have been specifically designed to fit both Jio Star and Jio MaxY profiles as well as most other ‘Y’ posts.
  • The attachments are an effective solution to hold and support trellis wire at any height and on both sides of a Jio post.
  • Installation is simple; the attachment is secured with steel bolt connections and the wire is easily placed in position.
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OneWay Gripple

  • Engineered with one channel to butt-up against an end post.
  • It is designed with an integral safety channel to protect the tail wire.
  • You can re-tension year-on-year with the Gripple tensioning tool.
  • Ideal for the fast termination of wire or use with end posts in vineyards, orchards and fencing.
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Jumbo Gripple Vineyard pack

  • Designed specifically for use in viticulture with the following Growire ®  trellis wires:

- 2.65mm Growire
- 2.85mm Growire
- 3.15mm Growire

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Anchor-Fast kit

  • Install and tension in seconds.
  • This kit contains a wire rope and joiner, that can be used as a wire brace or tie back product.
  • With a simple assembly it can be installed by one person with no wire tying skills needed.
  • The prefabricated wire loop and free Large Gripple ® wire joiner is up to 75% faster to install than traditional methods.
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Ground Anchor kit

  • Waratahs ready to use Ground Anchor kit – simply drive in, engage and instantly load.
  • Fast, simple and cost effective ground anchoring suitable for a variety of soils.
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Gripple GP90

  • Fast   - Join and tension in one, in under one minute
  • Easy -  eliminates tying & knotting of T-joins and other complex joining methods
  • Strong  - 600kg line load in case of wind lift or heavy crop weight
  • Versatile - create overhead structures for cloth / net support, crop / down wires, or fruit canopy
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