Avoiding an Airstrip Disaster

The Problem

An airstrip on the remote island of Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria was faced with a problem; dingos, wallabies, wild dogs and quolls were entering the airstrip which is a huge safety breach and a nightmare for pilots. Excluding pests was the only option.

The island is 640 kilometres from Darwin and the ground was very hard, in some parts there was solid rock and manganese soil types. The material used needed to be simple to deliver to the area and easy to install.

The Solution

To penetrate the ground and establish a strong barrier, Jio Star and Jio MaxY posts were used. A combination of Stocksafe-T 15/150/15 wire and two Flexabel Longlife selvedge wires and ring master clips were used to complete the fence line. Since the 5km fence was erected, there has not been a single animal on the airstrip.

The fencing contractor, Stuart McLaren said “We wouldn’t have been able to get many of the cheaper brands into the ground, but the Jio posts were easy to install which helps to minimise labour and costs greatly.” 

Ever since he became a fencing contractor, Mr McLaren’s preference has been to use Waratah products. 

Advice For Farmers, From Farmers

“It can be challenging to convince people that Waratah is, without a doubt, the best product out there, given it’s often more expensive to purchase initially. 

“But I tell them that it will save them money in the long run because Waratah will last at least three times as long as cheaper alternative fencing brands.”

- Stuart McLaren


Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory

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Products used

Fencing Accessories

Ringmaster® Longlife Blue® Clips

Jio® Posts

Jio® Star® Post 'Waratah's'

Jio® Posts

Jio® MaxY® Post 'Waratah's'

Electric Wire


Prefabricated Fencing

Stocksafe-T® Longlife Blue®