Exclusion Fencing - Out for Good

The Problem

In the Redmond area in the Southern region of Western Australia, many farmers are experiencing heightened pressure from vermin. The dry season tends to increase the burden property owners need to deal with. Animals are leaving the confides of nature reserves in search of water and food. The pests continue to be the source of serious environmental problems such as soil erosion and deprivation of native vegetation. These damages render large losses in the agricultural and horticultural industries. The major pests include; wild dogs, foxes, pigs, deer and rabbits.

The Solution

The installation of exclusion fencing in affected areas is a permanent and cost-effective solution to treat the issue of keeping vermin out of unwanted areas. Due to the large losses and increased damage, a boundary fence was erected.

The fence used an Adjusta-stay, Jio star and Jio MaxY posts as well as Stocksafe T prefabricated wire with an apron. The high-quality design of Stocksafe T guarantees extreme strength and prevents several pest from penetrating the fence line. The apron is pre-attached to the fence, this eliminates the gap between the bottom wire and the ground that appears in traditional fence designs assuring security.

By excluding vermin from livestock containment, productivity improved by more than 20% and increased cattle stocking rates.


Redmond, Western Australia

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Products used

Jio® Posts

Jio® Star® Post 'Waratah's'

Jio® Posts

Jio® MaxY® Post 'Waratah's'

Strainer Assemblies


Prefabricated Fencing